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One of my teachers was talking about sexual orientations. Some kid made a rude comment about bisexuals and the teacher said, “No! You do not make fun of others for who they love. Whatever floats their boat is none of your business. Its their boat, not yours. Let them sail how they want to sail!”
I just found my new favorite teacher.


"bisexuals are unfaithful and greedy"
you’re right. i have no faith in ur bitch ass attitude. i also want all of those brownies. no i will not share




Perfectly hazy day in Yellowstone National Park.

Canon AE-1

mostly nature

~My Hidden Nirvana~

❝ Be careful who you vent to. ❞

- Realest shit I’ve heard all morning. (via itsthelesbiana)

How sad is it that everyone else knows about my sexual, gender, and romantic preferences, but the two most important people that matter have no idea. That my “coming out” is such a slow passive-aggressive process. That the rest of my family might know before the two people who conceived me in the first place might. How funny is that…


{ we  played  war  with  wooden  swords } a playlist for when you realize the mud on your hands is now blood ; when the splintering wood becomes steel

writing on a wall - the dear hunter | iron - woodkid | blinding - florence + the machine | bang bang - willy moon | kingdom come - the civil wars | next summer - choir of young believers | your bones - of monsters and men | dance on our graves - paper route | esmerelda - ben howard | icarus bad blood - bastille | like lions do - right away, great captain | run boy run - woodkid | the sinking man - of monsters and men | illuminated - hurts | oblivion - bastille

{ listen }

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